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Photo of Emily Faith Luis.

Police say Luis was last seen on June 12 at the Glooscap Landing Esso in Hantsport.

Photo of Tanner Perry

Police say Tanner Perry was last seen in Truro on June 13, 2024.

RCMP police news

Police say a Toyota Tacoma left the highway and collided with a power pole.

RCMP police news

A collision between a Subaru Forester and a Ford F-150 resulted in the death of a woman from PEI.


These clinics can only address non-emergency concerns.

Food & Drink

Photo of Pizza Hut Chicken Strips

Pizza Hut Canada expands their menu with the addition of new Crunchy Chicken Strips.

Photo of Tim Hortons Iced Capp beverages

To mark 25 years of Iced Capp delight, customers can raise a glass to the occasion with the new CARAMILK Iced Capp or delight in the return of the fan-favorite OREO DOUBLE STUF Iced Capp.

Image of pinwheel pastry and beverage.

These pinwheel pastries are served warm and are available in two flavours: Roasted Red Pepper & Swiss or Caramelized Onion & Parmesan.