Annual Campaign Highlights Responsible Gambling

Press Release

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week runs from October 1-7.

The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation promotes responsible gambling awareness all year-round but during its week-long awareness campaign, Nova Scotians have a chance to know the game.

They can test their knowledge on responsible gambling by participating in a quiz with a chance to win prizes at .

“We take our role of ensuring we have a responsible gambling environment seriously and Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is one example of our commitment,” says Bob MacKinnon, president and CEO of the corporation. “What we want all Nova Scotians to know is the more you understand the games, the more likely it is to be a positive experience.”

Nova Scotia Gaming is the Crown corporation responsible for conduct and management of the regulated gaming industry. Nova Scotia was the first province to launch Responsible Gambling Awareness Week in North America in 2001-02. The corporation continues to use the Responsible Gambling Council’s Informed Decision Making Report and consult with gambling experts to develop the campaign that highlights seven important responsible gambling tips.

The tips are:
-- play for fun, not to make money
-- know when to fold
-- know your limit and play within it
-- take a break
-- play smart
-- life is about balance
-- keep it fun

“We’ve been conducting this campaign for nearly 20 years and we know the majority of Nova Scotians who choose to gamble do so responsibly,” says Mr. MacKinnon.

According to research, about 73 per cent of Nova Scotians report a high level of responsible gambling behaviour. The 17th annual Responsible Gambling Awareness campaign focuses on further improving gambling literacy in the province.

Throughout October, Nova Scotians can visit to test their knowledge on responsible gambling tips. Open house events will also be held and responsible gambling ambassadors will deliver information at ticket and video lottery locations.

For more tips and information on Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, including open house dates and times, visit .