Charges laid by RCMP in relation to international malware virus scheme


The RCMP's National Division Cybercrime Investigative Team laid charges Friday, November 8, against John Paul Revesz from Toronto for allegedly operating an international malware scheme under the company name "Orcus Technologies". Revesz was charged under Section 342.1 of the Criminal Code for Unauthorized use of computer and will be appearing in provincial court in Toronto on December 5.

An RCMP criminal investigation began in July 2016 after reports of a significant amount of computers were being infected with a "Remote Access Trojan" type of virus. A search warrant was executed at the accused's residence in March 2019 and electronic devices were seized and later analyzed. The evidence obtained shows that this virus has infected computers from around the world, making thousands of victims in multiple countries.

"This investigation was one of the first ones the newly-founded Cybercrime Investigative Team undertook at the time and we are pleased with this outcome. We wish to thank our domestic and international partners, namely the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, for their valuable contribution in making this a success."
- Alexandre Beaulieu, Acting Officer in Charge of the RCMP National Division Cybercrime Investigative Team

This case highlights the importance of partnerships with law enforcement agencies and private sector organisations, which are key to solving crimes. The National Division Cybercrime Investigative Team was created in 2016 and has successfully conducted several investigations in collaboration with international partners, local law enforcement and federal government agencies.

The RCMP is determined to fight cybercrime in all its forms, wherever it takes place. We are actively pursuing efforts to prevent, detect and deter any illegal activity that threatens Canada's integrity and reputation.