What to expect during police enforcement of court ordered injunction in Stewiacke

News release

On March 27, the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia issued a temporary Injunction Order against demonstrators interfering with a natural gas project at Riverside Rd. in Fort Ellis, Stewiacke. The Order included obligations for the RCMP to enforce the terms of theInjunction should they not be voluntarily complied with.

The Nova Scotia RCMP is impartial in this dispute and respects the Indigenous culture and their connection to Mother Earth along with the company's lawful right to complete its mandated work.

We are hopeful that the terms of the Injunction Order will be met through open dialogue with the demonstrators by our Division Liaison Team, which is a team of specially trained RCMP members who build relationships with various groups/communities to mitigate conflict. Should that not happen and demonstrators continue to occupy the site at the main entrance to the natural gas project, thus disobeying the court ordered-injunction, the RCMP will enforce the Order.

Our primary goal is the safety and security of all involved while preserving the right to peaceful, lawful and safe demonstration within the terms set by the Supreme Court in the Injunction Order.

The following outlines what residents of Stewiacke and surrounding areas can expect:

Increase in police presence
You will notice an increase in police resources in the Stewiacke area. It's important that there are officers available to respond as needed. For public and police safety, body worn cameras will be used.

Exclusion zone and road closure
A temporary exclusion zone and road closure is in place for public and police safety reasons. The areas are clearly marked and will only be maintained as long as necessary. Residents of the adjacent area have been made aware and are being accommodated.

Updates will be provided via the Nova Scotia RCMP website and Facebook and Twitter feeds as available.