More Opportunities for Apprentices Through Government Construction Projects

Government is encouraging more businesses to hire apprentices in Nova Scotia through an expanded procurement program.

In January, 2016 government launched a pilot program that required contractors bidding on provincially funded school construction projects to take part in Nova Scotia’s apprenticeship program.

It is now being expanded to include all provincially funded construction projects over one-million dollars and is now a permanent program in Nova Scotia.

Labour and Advanced Education Minister Labi Kousoulis says the apprenticeship system is an integral part of growing a skilled workforce and building a stronger economy. He says this initiative is one concrete way government can work with the private sector to employ more apprentices, who are primarily young people.

During the pilot program, over 90 employers who train apprentices were part of the construction teams who built the new schools in Nova Scotia.

The program applies to contractors whose portion of the bid exceeds one-hundred-thousand dollars. Exceptions will be made for smaller companies and those whose work does not fall within a designated trade.