Nova Scotia reports 10 new hospital admissions, eight discharges, one death (Feb. 10, 2022)

COVID-19 Nova Scotia

Today, February 10, Nova Scotia is reporting 10 new hospital admissions and eight discharges.

Nova Scotia is also reporting one death related to COVID-19. A woman in her 80s in Central Zone has died.

“This pandemic has taken so much, but the families who will never see or hug their loved one again have suffered the most,” said Premier Tim Houston. “We’re starting to ease restrictions, but we still need to be cautious and take steps to protect ourselves and others. Please continue to follow the public health measures as we work towards living with COVID-19.”

There are 90 people in hospital who were admitted due to COVID-19 and are receiving specialized care in a COVID-19 designated unit. That includes 11 people in ICU. The age range of those in hospital is 0-95 years old. The median age is 65, and the median length of stay of people admitted to hospital due to COVID-19 is six days.

Starting today, to more accurately represent hospitalization data, the releases will use medians to report two figures: the length of stay and age of those in hospital. Previously, the mean, or average, was used to report this data. However, because some people are in hospital for a long stay, in some cases waiting to be discharged to another facility, using median is more accurate.

Of the 90 people in hospital, 87 were admitted during the Omicron wave.

“It’s never easy to hear we lost another Nova Scotian to this virus. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones grieving,” said Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. “Trying to protect people is what we’ve been doing for two years and why we’ve had restrictions and rules that are frustrating but necessary. I am optimistic that things are improving and because of the hard work of Nova Scotians, I am confident about starting to loosen restrictions.”

The vaccination status of those in hospital is:

• 24 (26.7 per cent) people have had a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine
• 34 (37.8 per cent) are fully vaccinated (two doses)
• 0 (0 per cent) are partially vaccinated
• 32 (35.6 per cent) are unvaccinated.

It is important to note that less than 10 per cent of Nova Scotians are unvaccinated.

There are also two other groups of people in hospital related to COVID-19:

• 129 people who were identified as positive upon arrival at hospital but were admitted for another medical reason, or were admitted for COVID-19 but no longer require specialized care
• 143 people who contracted COVID-19 after being admitted to hospital.