Province Increases Investment in Roads, Highways

road construction

More roads and highways across the province will be improved and made safer for Nova Scotians with increased investment by the government.

The work is outlined in the 2024-25 Five-Year Highway Improvement Plan released today, December 14. It includes major highway and road projects, repaving, major bridge replacements, maintenance and other infrastructure work.

“We’re continuing to make significant investments in our province’s transportation infrastructure,” said Kim Masland, Minister of Public Works. “These investments will continue to make our highways, roads and bridges safer for Nova Scotians and improve trade routes.”

In 2024-25, the Province will invest more than $500 million in roadwork and major projects already underway. The new work includes an increase of about $75 million in the budget for gravel road upgrades and rehabilitating paved roads.

Construction on the following major projects will continue:

• Highway 101 from Three Mile Plains to Falmouth
• the Highway 102 Aerotech Connector
• Highway 103 from Tantallon to Hubbards
• the Bridgewater Interchange
• the Highway 107 Sackville-Bedford-Burnside Connector.

Work on infrastructure upgrades for the Tancook Ferry will also begin.

The plan also includes access improvements for 100-series highways that are not being twinned. That work involves improving intersections and adding passing lanes, turning lanes and roundabouts.

Planning and preliminary design work is underway on six major construction projects announced last year, including the Argyle Interchange and twinning sections of highways 103, 104 and 107.