12-foot great white shark named Ironbound returns to Nova Scotia

Great white shark Ironbound
A 12 foot great white shark named Ironbound has returned to Nova Scotia waters. Credit: OCEARCH

A great white shark named Ironbound has returned to the waters off Nova Scotia after spending the winter in the Gulf of Mexico. On July 13, Ironbound was pinged near Lockeport Harbour by the OCEARCH Shark Tracker.

Ironbound is a male great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias), 12 feet 4 inches long, weighing 998 lbs.

He was was first tagged on Oct. 3, 2019, near his namesake, West Ironbound Island, near Lunenburg.

According to the OCEARCH Shark Tracker, Ironbound has travelled 9,699 miles in the last 390 days.

OCEARCH is and organization dedicated to educating the public about sharks and dispelling fears they may have.

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