Nova Scotia's Province House to Celebrate 200th Anniversary

Press Release

The 260th anniversary of the House of Assembly, making it the oldest elected assembly in Canada and one of the oldest in the Commonwealth was marked today, Oct. 2, by speaker Kevin Murphy.

    “The House of Assembly met for the first time in the courthouse at the corner of Argyle and Buckingham streets in Halifax,” said Mr. Murphy. “After a succession of temporary accommodations, construction began on a permanent building in 1811 and the legislature met for the first time on February 11, 1819, in the building we are in now, Province House.”

On Feb. 11, 2019 the province will celebrate the 200th anniversary of Province House.

    "Great effort has been made in recent years to protect and maintain Province House as the symbolic home of all Nova Scotians,” said Mr. Murphy. “The anniversary will emphasize its role in the constitutional evolution of Canada, its rich history and unique architecture, and its continuity as the seat of government and an important cultural asset to the province.”

Province House is one of the most historic buildings in Canada. During the 175th anniversary in 1994 Province House was commemorated as a National Historic Site when Queen Elizabeth II visited, and was cited for both its architectural and historical significance.

To celebrate the 200th anniversary a new logo has been designed that represents its architecture and unique details. To learn more about the logo, visit .

The anniversary will also be marked with a number of public events and activities. Information will be posted online as it becomes available at, .