Work to Begin to Replace Hantsport Aboiteau


February 22, 2019 - 10:05 AM

Work will begin next week to replace the failed Hantsport aboiteau.

The aboiteau and its wooden box culverts will be replaced by two permanent concrete box culverts. An earth berm will be rebuilt on top of the culverts.

The new culverts will be the diameter of the culverts which operated successfully in the past. The flow of water is expected to be the same as it was before the aboiteau failed.

The province engaged in consultation with the Mi’kmaw community and received environmental approvals from the Department of Environment.

The project is a $4 million investment and is expected to take five weeks to complete, with construction wrapping up before spring high tide and runoff occur.

The province hopes to recover the cost of the work from the Windsor and Hantsport Railway Company.